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In 1950 Muro’s grand father Matteo  immigrated from Naples Italy to New York, after working in a factory for 15 years he and his wife Isabella saved enough money to do what they love, they opened up a small pizza place in Brooklyn, they were very successful for a decade, until the original place burned down in a fire, by that point Matteo and Isabella was too old to repair the place. Although the original place was long gone the family recipes moved from generation to generation The children and grandchildren all got involved opening up several Italian restaurants in all over the states.
The original pizza recipe is still made inside the doors of  Muro’s pizza.

Above is a very usual story for Italian restaurants, but it is actually made up and not a true story for Muro’s Pizza.  In Muro’s pizza we realize that we don’t need to be Italian or an italian descent to be passionate about pizza. Muro is also an immigrant  but from a totally different part of the World, he was not given a recipe by his grandfather. He worked very hard to find the perfect recipes. He has been working in the food industry since he was sixteen years old. He is very a hard working man not only he manages his store he is also not scared to get his hands dirty, he has learned to make every item on the menu. He is a dedicated father of three boys and husband to a lovely women.



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